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Donetsk National Medical University “DNMU”, Kirovohrad

Reading by foreign students of Donetsk National Medical University 


V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University




East European University of Economics and Management

East European University of Economics and Management provides a wide range of opportunities for higher education and training in various areas of management, law, economics, management, other industries, carries out research and innovation policies, has international links, is actively involved in social and political life of the country.

The pride of East European Universityof Economics and Management is its graduates who acquire a prestigious level of education that meets the international educational and scientific standards, based on the best traditions of national higher education and practical experience in their respective industries.

Eastern European Universityof Economics and Management consists of:

Institute of Economics, Institute of Management, the Institute of Public Administration and Law, Institute for Innovation and Information Technology in Education, the Institute for International and Postgraduate Education, Training and Organizational Department, Scientific Library, Methodical Study Office, Cafe “Window in Paris”, a hostel, a fitness center.


  • Management of organizations;
  • Economy of the enterprise;
  • Economic cybernetics;
  • Finance and credit;
  • Accounting and audit;
  • Marketing;
  • Science of law;
  • Scientific discipline of documentation;
  • Hotel-restaurant trade;
  • Tourism;
  • Translation;
  • Design.

National University of Pharmacy Ukraine


National University of Pharmacy is a domestic center of pharmaceutical education andscience development, which occupies a leading place in realization of public policy in traininga new generation of highly skilled specialists and implementation of competitive scientificdevelopments for science intensive pharmaceutical industry. The University createsconditions for deep scientific training of high qualification specialists on the principles ofeducation and science co-operation.

National   University of Pharmacy founded in 1805 as the pharmaceutical department of theKharkov Emperor University is the main pharmaceutical higher educational establishment inUkraine with rich scientific traditions and history.
National University of Pharmacy is the only higher educational establishment of pharmaceutical profile in our state. Its evolution has provided the development of nationalpharmaceutical school, science, production and the whole pharmaceutical industry of ourcountry. In 1921 basing on the Proposal of prominent Kharkov scientists the first and the only in Ukraine Kharkov pharmaceutical institute (KhPhI) was founded by Health Care Narkomat and Golovnauk Resolution. At different times outstanding scientists worked in the Kharkov pharmaceutical institute: M.O. Valyashko, M.S. Bokarius, M.P. Krasovskiy, A.D. Rozenfeld, G.Ye. Mukhin, O.I. Cherkes, Ye.S. Khotynskiy, Yu.G.Borysyuk, P.O.Petyunin.




NationalUniversity of Pharmacy is a large centre of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine and one of the oldest prestigious universities of Europe.


    1812 - in the pharmaceutical department of the Medical Faculty of Kharkov Imperial University organized the first pharmaceutical laboratory
    1921 - based Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute - the first in Ukraine pharmaceutical university
    1992 - Reorganization HFІ in Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy
    1999 - obtained the status of the Ukrainian National Academy of Pharmacy
    2002 - Reorganization of the National University of Pharmacy

In 1805, at the Department of Pharmacy and Drug Literature , Faculty of Medical Sciences and Drug Kharkov Imperial University for the first time in Ukraine began training for pharmacy professionals . After 5 years, the first graduates received their diplomas masters pharmacy. In 1812 was opened as a pharmaceutical laboratory , started training pharmacy and scientists who were engaged in basic research in organic chemistry and pharmacognosy . In 1921 in Kharkov, on the basis of the medical-pharmaceutical faculty of the Kharkov University was established Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute , which became the first rector GO Valyashko , and the first teachers and founders - known professors , scientists G. P. Krasovskii, D . Rosenfeld , G. There .Mukhin , GA Angarsk , G. et al Borisiuk many years combining teaching and research positions , they have made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Kharkov pharmaceutical institute of pharmaceutical education and science and training of highly qualified specialists pharmacy .

Since 1937, the All-Union Committee Graduate School Academic Council granted the authority to award a Ph.D. and Doctor of Pharmacy . Nearly 70 years of existence of the Specialized Scientific Council was protected 90 doctoral and 435 master's theses.

Beginning of the 1990s due to the active development of Kharkov pharmaceutical institute . In 1992 it changed its status and became a Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy, and in 1999 received an honorary Academy status of the National Academy. Presidential Decree of Ukraine National Academy of Pharmacy September 18, 2002 was granted the status of National University of Pharmacy ( NUPh ), which showed a further increase in the rating of the institution , because the university is different from the academy that provides multidisciplinary training of specialists with higher education, conducts basic and applied research research contributes to the spread of scientific knowledge and provides cultural and educational work among the population.

National University of Pharmacy has the fourth level of accreditation.

NationalUniversity of Pharmacy was founded in 1805.

The study process in the University is provided by 750 lecturers, including 15 academicians, 14 Honored Workers of science and Technique of Ukraine.

95% of the lecturers have the scientific degrees of Doctors and Candidates of Sciences. At present there are 17 000 students studied in the University.

Since 1960 the University has been training pharmacy specialists for the foreign countries.

Today the National University of Pharmacy is a centre of international pharmaceutical education which has taught over 4 500 Masters in Pharmacy for 80 countries of the world.
The amount of foreign students is about 1500.

Foreign students are trained in the following specialities on the base of complete secondary education: PHARMACY, CLINICAL PHARMACY AND TECHNOLOGY OF DRUGS.  On graduation they get a diploma of Master of science in Pharmacy.

Foreign citizens can get education both in Russian and in English. The duration of study in Russian is 6 years (1 year at the Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens where Russian is studied). Term of training in English is 5 years.

National University of Pharmacy is famous world wide for the high level of teaching and high quality of professional preparation of pharmacy specialists. Over the years of its activity the University has trained over 47 000 specialists in pharmacy. Our graduates occupy senior positions in governments of their countries, head large pharmaceutical enterprises and companies, set up and run private drugstores.

University is hosted in 5 buildings: administrative, chemical and technological, medical and biological, clinical and humanitarian. The structure of University comprises 5 hostels, medical centre, botany garden, health centre and cultural centre. Lectures halls, laboratories and classrooms are equipped in line with the European standards.

Medical care in the students hospitals and specializes medical centre, hosted in one of the hostels, is available for all students. Highly qualified provide the due care. The centre is equipped with up-to-date instrumentation for the diagnostics and peophylaxis of different diseases. Health services in this centre are free of charge.

Students have the opportunity to live in University hostels of two levels of comfort: ordinary student hostel and top-comfort hostel. The average living fee is 25-35 $ per month. The hostels host reading rooms, library, Internet-cafes, international telephone connection, laundry. There are cafes in every University building, where a meal under 2 $is available. One-way ticket for underground is 15 cents, for overland means of public transport – up to 20 cents.


Pre-higher education – 10 months, graduates have opportunity to continue their education in all higher educational establishments of Ukraine and Russia.

It takes only 2 months to learn Russian enough to communicate in the Deans office, in hostel, in means of transport and cafes! And it takes you a year to acquire knowledge in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics in Russian. And as a result, you are ready to study in pharmaceutical, medical and engineering higher educational establishments.

Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens is located within a campus proving all the conditions for living and studying.

We respect the national traditions. And students can celebrate their national and religious holidays.

Kharkiv is the largest centre of the pharmaceutical education, science, drugs and medical equipment manufacturing. There are drugs quality control service, branch net of pharmacy enterprises, great informational field (specialised editions: journals, newspapers, reference books, other) here.

The following establishments situate and work in Kharkiv:

  • National University of Pharmacy
  • Institute of Professional Skills Improvement of Specialists in Pharmacy of NUPh
  • Kharkov State Medical University
  • Kharkov Medical Academy of Post-diploma Education
  • State scientific centre of medicines of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine
  • 13 scientific-research institutes of the medical type
  • 10 big pharmacy firms and plants
  • approximately 1000 pharmacies
  • College of the National University of Pharmacy

Kharkiv pharmacy scientific potential:

  • 25 academicians
  • 110 doctors of sciences
  • more than 500 candidates of sciences
  • more than 450 medicines are worked out and invented by Kharkiv scientists
  • 30% of the medicines of Ukraine are produced by  Kharkiv pharmacy firms and plants.