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Vinnytsia National Technical University

vin teVinnytsia National Technical University is an educational establishment of the fourth level of accreditation well known both in Ukraine and far abroad.
VNTU consists of 8 scientific and educational institutes:
InAECCS (Institute of Automatics, Electronics and Computer Control Systems)
InCETPEGS (Institute of Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply)
InPEEEM (Institute of Power Engineering, Ecology and Electrical Mechanics)
InITCE (Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering)
InMBT (Institute of Machine Building and Transport)
InRETEIE (Institute of Radio Engineering, Telecommunication and Electronic Instrument Engineering)
InM (Institute of Management)

and seven Integral Institutes, designed for the provision of training process:

  • Institute of Master's, Post-Graduate and Doctor Degree Studies (InMPDDS)
  • Institute of Humanitarian and Educational Policy (InHEP)
  • Institute of Training and Production Integration (InTPI)
  • Institute of International Relations (InIR)
  • Institute of Pre-University Training (InRUT)
  • Institute of Organizational and Methodical Provision of Training (InOMPT)
  • Institute of Progressive Training Technologies (InPTT)
  • Institute of Ecology and Ecology Cibernetics (InEEC)

The University trains 6000 day time students, 1500 .part time students, 100 PhD and Doctor degree students, 1000 . pre-University students.

The educational and scientific activity is conducted by 47 departments, 26 of which are running branch offices with the enterprises in Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia region. The departments are run by Doctors of Sciences, Professors. 84 % of teaching staff in the graduating departments and 72 % of University teachers have scientific degrees and titles. 2 % of University teaches have honorary title .Meritorious.. 10 % are Academicians and Correspondent Members of State and Public Academies.

VNTU is the unique University in Ukraine as well as among the Countries of New Independent States to introduce in 1991 the three semester study system, two semesters of which are conducted following the curricula, and the third .is a working semester. During the working semester, the first year students obtain the working profession, corresponding to the future engineering one. The senior students are working on the enterprises independently, improving their qualification.

Department for Training and Production Integration has its representatives in all the industrial cities of Ukraine which allows to run the working semesters.

VNTU is given the highest IV-th level of accreditation and trains students according to the three stage system .Bachelor .Engineer . Master. following the curricula, which integrates the peculiarities of national and Canadian system of higher education. 

Apart from acquiring the basic speciality, the A-students are allowed to get the second speciality by correspondence. Our University is also unique in Ukraine to allow students of any speciality with achievements in sports to obtain the additional specialization .Management of Organizations of Physical Culture and Sports.

One more peculiarity of students. training in VNTU allows the Bachelors with the distinction who have the ability to scientific and educational activity to join Masters training courses after four years of Bachelor's training program.

Students of different specialities learn English for Specific Purposes on the level of technical translation, which allows them to join the oversees representative offices or work abroad.

University campus is located on the lot of 25 hectares in the city of Vinnytsia. 100 Km away formVinnytsia, the University owns 10 hectares with the University sports centre.

The peculiarity of the educational process for the first and the second year students makes it possible to meet eminent people, authors, musicians, artists, theatre and film actors, politicians and religious figures, representatives of law machinery and other people, who visit the University for .Meeting Students.. It helps creating the aura of common to all mankind cultural wealth.

The University has the efficient system for training specialists of higher qualification, which has no analogues. Training of scientific and educational specialists is conducted on the post-graduated courses on 19 specialities and on the Doctoral courses on 4 specialities. There are 5 Specialized Scientific Councils for examination of PhD and Doctoral Thesis on 12 specialities. During the previous 10 years there had been defended 36 Doctoral and 255 PhD theses.

The University issues the social and political periodical .Impulse., which is in demand in the region. The University scientific journals on technical, economic and pedagogic sciences, approved by the Highest Attestation Board of Ukraine, are: .Visnyk of Vinnytsia Polytechnic Institute., .Optoelectronic Information.Power Technologies., .Information Technologies and Computer Engineering.. Recently initiated scientific journal is .Modern Technologies, Materials and Constructions in Civil Engineering.. The journal .Sententiae. is specialized in the sphere of philosophical sciences.

VNTU is the only permanent member representing Ukraine in the International Association of Inventers IFIA with headquarters in Geneva. The scientists of VNTU are annually awarded medals for inventions presented on the invention exhibitions, organized by IFIA in Jassy /Romania/, Budapest / Hungary/, Sofia /Bulgaria/, Brussels /Belgium/, Geneva /Switzerland/, Pittsburg /USA/.

The University trains specialists with higher education on the level of Master and Philosophy Doctor in technical sciences for 69 countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America.
ucation and Science.