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Ternopol State Ivan Pul'uj Technical University 

ternopilThe main objectives of the University is to train engineers and managers world-class socially important sectors of the region, providing conditions for the harmonious development of the personality and expression of gifted youth education specialist patriot based on state and national revival.

The realization of these objectives focus on priority areas of activity of our institution, which is a learning process, organization of research, education of youth, integration of science and production, socio-economic rights of workers and students.

The University is an educational institution of technical and technological areas.Study of its functions is to explore the physical foundations of phenomena and processes in order to develop and design new techniques and technologies in various fields of study methods of modeling and optimization studies.Organization of educational process is based on the principles of continuity, naskriznosti continuity and professional training at all levels of multilevel education system.

The successful development of the university contribute to the proper level research techniques and modern technology, formation and development of scientific schools, international contacts and fruitful research program.

The University developed and implemented the concept of education of the citizen of the state, established in all structural units of the humanitarian program, revived Ukrainian national traditions, customs and rituals, foundations of Christian morality, instilled respect for the history of our people, their culture and language.

It is extremely important associations around the university technical schools of various levels of industrial enterprises, scientific research institutions in teaching and research and production complex, which is an effective tool for solving a number of problems of science, education and production in their relationship.

The origins go back to the history of the universityin 1960, when11 NovemberorganizedTernopil general technical faculty of Lviv Polytechnic Instituteof evening and correspondence courses.Dean was appointed assistant professor Stoliarchuk VP and learning process by 12 teachers.Since February 1962 Dean began working as assistant professor AA ShcherbakovIn the same year began to train professionals for full-time study.

Tempus- an international program aimed at the modernization of higher education in the partner countries of the European Union.

All projects Tempus program carried out under the association of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and CIS countries (partner countries) together with universities in the European Union and supported bythe National Tempus Office in Ukraine.