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International Humanitarian University

The university was created in 2002 in Odessa when most of non-state higher education institutions were already celebrating their tenth anniversary of stay in the educational market needed considerable courage and audacity of our founders. To be competitive in the educational market, a new university had to be special.

By the time the University was established, the creator of the university, Sergey Vasilyevich Kivalov had already created the most modern educational and scientific complex of the Odessa National Academy of Law, located at the 4th Station of the Bolshoy Fountain. And now – a new fulfillment.

The first licensed specialty was that of “International Economic Relations”, followed by “Management of the Organizations” and “Management of Foreign Economic Activities”. Then came “Jurisprudence” and “Philology (translation)”. The curricula was thoroughly prepared by university workers, were discussed in the Ministry, literally each program was exposed to the most detailed examination. 

On April 13, 2005, the University moved to a new building at the 5th Station of the Bolshoy Fountain. The surrounding neighborhood changed for the better. The initial building allotted to the University was reconstructed. In 2009 Sergey Vasilyevich Kivalov set the task of accrediting the University as a whole. Probably, the academic year of 2010–2011 was the most intensive and challenging for our staff.

Nowadays the University is still quite young institution, but with the efforts of teachers, students and all staff was confidently approved in educational, scientific and cultural space of Ukraine. Today the University provides training of junior specialists, bachelors, masters, postgraduate and doctoral students from national and international law, economics and management, computer technology, linguistics and translation, medicine and pharmacology, art and design, etc. Moreover, each university faculty initiated creative areas of training, which focused on the current demands of the labor market. Thus, in the Institute for National and International Law students have the opportunity to get a lawyer profession of international and foreign language interpreter. In addition, bachelor and master programs of national and international law in English Teaching are dynamically introduced. The Faculty of Linguistics and Translation operates only in southern Ukraine branch of Oriental Languages (Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, etc.), whose effectiveness is ensured a broad participation in the educational process language speakers, internships abroad, using IT-technologies. The Faculty of Art and Design actively develops training for film and television (Television director, editing director, cameraman, sound engineer, sound engineer, author and host of television and radio programs). In general, our university has such faculties:

·        Odessa medical institute;

·        The institute of national and international law;

·        Faculty of linguistics and translation;

·        Faculty of economics and management;

·        College of economics and law;

·        Faculty of design.

The defining principle of confessing to each employee of the University – an individual approach to each student, creating opportunities every successfully develop and realize their creative potential.