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Donetsk Institute of Railway Transport


Donetsk Institute of Railway Transport today - a modern state university level III accreditation, which provides training for engineers and economists mainline and industrial railways, transport systems construction and other sectors of the economy of Ukraine.Institute - the only university in the Donetsk region, which provides training of railway, leading research center of railway science.

The institute are 6 faculties ("Process management of railway transportation", "Rail transport infrastructure", "Economics of Transport", Correspondence Department, Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Department of Pre-University Training) and 12 departments, of which 7 are releasing ("Organization of movement trains, rolling stock "," Automation, Remote Control, communications and computer technology "," Construction, maintenance of facilities and track facilities "," Accounting and Auditing "," Management "," Business Economics). "

Licensed volume reception is 900 people full-time and part-time faculty. The Institute conducts training under a licensed reception as the state order, and the contract conditions. However, 60% of students unseparated forms of education work at the enterprises of transport, and 70% of the students are members of the families of hospital railroad.

Training at the Institute carried out on two skill levels (bachelor and specialist). The content of education of each qualification level is determined by the relevant educational qualification characteristics (OKH), and educational and professional programs (OPP), approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the variable part of the OKH and PPOs, which are designed producing departments.

Along with teaching students in DonIZhT carried out training of employees and managers of public enterprises and institutions of the transport complex, as well as preparing students for trades.

Over the years, the institute formed educational and social infrastructure, which provides the necessary conditions for the preparation of highly qualified specialists rail. DonIZhT has five academic buildings, dormitory for 300 seats, two gyms and two sports fields, teaching and laboratory building for mechanical specialties, library for 197,600 books and reading room, a recreation center "Willow" at the station Brusino Donetsk railway , student cafeteria and auditorium, a printing house, publishing department.

Provide high quality training requires proper logistics. It is not only additional classrooms and ancillary facilities that are already up 20 thousand m2, but also their technical equipment.

Blackboard and chalk - it is good and convincing, but the necessary audience equipped video equipment, computer classrooms, modern laboratories, language laboratories. The training process is used more than 300 computers last generations. That allows 1.5 hours of computer time per day (at a rate of 0.9 hours per student) and contributes to the development of modern information technology in solving specific transport tasks. The local computer network connected to institute an information network Internet.

Institute secured areas, which even slightly exceeds the established norms. This allowed all the necessary equip school laboratories and test process, create additional computer classes, where students are able to complete course, undergraduate and graduate work projects; audience, equipped with educational TV and projection equipment.

Institute training base is 57 laboratories and 22 cabinet, which holds about 1,200 labs. Created new and upgraded more than 20 laboratories and classrooms: heat engineering, hydraulics, channel-forming device, multi-channel communications, PBX lines (for this lab equipment purchased fiber-optic communication lines), computer systems in automation, train traffic, dispatch center, laboratory signaling theory, electrical spetszamerov in automation, as well as six specialized laboratories at BT departments.

In 2004, in the premises of the institute includes a training base for mechanical specialties in a former train depot station Donetsk total area of 1028 m 2 . On this site are presented all types of rolling stock (locomotives, electric locomotives, wagons) and developed diesel generator lab laboratory automatic brakes, welding laboratory, plumbing and mechanical workshops, work is continuing on the creation of laboratory electrical rolling stock.

Institute is proud to complex electrical laboratories for specialty "Automation and automation of transport", equipped with equipment and facilities for the study of the modern system of automatic train control, ensure the reliability of the transportation process, as well as communication systems, using the latest advances in digital transmission techniques and fiber optic communication lines.

Students have the opportunity to building specialty comprehend the peculiarities of construction and repair of railway tracks and facilities in specialized laboratories of the Institute, and in the wild.

Particular attention is paid to the creation of the institute laboratory base to prepare future commanders transport students of specialty "Organization and management of railway transport." In laboratories, train traffic, in the computer lab, students form and work out the skills of planning, organization and operational management in transportation.

Since 2002, students receive educational qualification according to the characteristics of not only an engineering specialty, but also a profession. Every year, about 500 students of the institute in the learning process of getting one working professions in accordance with their future profession: "Priemosdatchik cargo and baggage," "Product cashier", "conductor of a passenger car", "Monter Road", "repairman rolling stock" "Train driver (assistant engineer)", "The Electrician servicing electrical", "electrician for repair and maintenance of equipment and communication devices", "electrician for repair and maintenance of signaling devices, centralization and blocking", "Computer Operator" - only 11 professions. annually to 200 students receive profession "Explorer passenger car" and take part in the summer student labor group. Trains summer forming depots Donetsk, Debalcevo, Mariupol students worked not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also served routes in Russia and Belarus.

                                                                                                We obtain workers' career

The greatest effect in the practical training of students is achieved by use in teaching technical base DSB. At its stations, locomotive and wagon depots, signaling and communication paths established 14 branches of departments, where practical training, technological, industrial practice, students get hands-on experience in the chosen specialty.

Educational process in DonIZhT associated with the work of the Donetsk railway. Managers and leading specialists railroad conduct classes on special subjects, supervise diploma projects and field trips. Order of the Ministry of Transport and Communications divisions of Donetsk railway assigned to DonIZhT as base for passing students practice, a significant portion of students do practical work in paid jobs.

Team of Donetsk Institute of Railway Transport is making a lot of effort to prepare students in our university meet modern demands of the scientific and technological progress and reflects his latest achievements.

Educational process are teachers who have extensive practical and research work in the field of railway transport and related industries, which allows graduates of the institute to give a full and comprehensive training for future specialty. Cadre fully meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to higher educational institutions of the third level of accreditation.

Cooperation with graduate departments Ukrdazt. Result of cooperation is mutual enrichment teachers experience methodical and educational work, consistency in the implementation of training programs, the timely introduction of the achievements in the educational process of pedagogical science.

High level of education and scientific potential of the Institute provides a solid foundation for its further development and to ensure the successful training of a new generation of railwaymen.