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Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University

dniproIntegration of European and world educational area is a feature of the present. Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University (DSTU) gives priority to projects on harmonization of educational standards in the framework of Ukraine's accession to the Bologna Process. DSTU communicates in education and science with schools, organizations and companies in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Bulgaria, Belgium, Great Britain, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, USA, China, and Poland.
Since 2000 DSTU is eligible for training foreign citizens in the basic directions (specialties).
DSTU has IV (fourth) level of accreditation.
Forms of study:full-time, part-time, external.
Rector:Korobochka Alexander, PhD, Professor, academician of Lifting-and-Shifting Machines Academy in Ukraine, Deputy of Municipal Council, chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Culture, Youth and Sports.
DSTU today has6 faculties , 33 departments, 2 colleges , 1 technical school, regional educational and scientific complex "Prometheus" , 7 teaching and laboratory buildings, three dormitories, a library with up to a million copies and halls of electronic information , advanced information network with access to the Internet , educational television center, editorial and publishing department , medical center, health center on the bank of Oril river, sports and food systems, strong maintenance department.
University trains specialists in23 specialties. . Now the university has about 5,000 students, and about 2.500 are full time students. . The university has 296 research and teaching staff, including 37 doctors, professors and 186 candidates of sciences, associate professors. Since 2006 142 graduate students have completed post-graduate studies, 62 candidate and 10 doctoral theses have been defended.
The structure of DSTU includes Dneprodzerzhinsk College of Technology,Dneprodzerzhinsk Economic College, Vocational School (Department of skilled workers) and Dneprodzerzhinsk Commercial College.
Graduates of schools(lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges) and all persons who have received secondary education and wish to join our university are proposed site
«University Entrant», where you can get complete information about admission to the University and to be easily oriented in the university specialties.
DSTUCentre of Planning Career, makes purpose-oriented training and employment promotion of graduates, centralized organization and coordination to form a data bank jobs availability, study and forecasting of the labor market in cities and regions.
Website «Information Portal» helps students of different specialties and forms of learning in teaching and learning materials obtaining in any discipline.